To many students, writing business plan essay is a dreaded task. Whether the paper is for class, scholarship, contest, or other purpose, most students find the task an overwhelming one. Although writing business plan is normally a large project, it need not give you sleepless nights as you can break it in to simple, manageable tasks. The following is a brief exposition of how to go about the task.

  • Think of the topic or business idea:
    In writing business plan, you will in most cases be allowed to select the business idea or topic that you like. However, it must be a viable business idea. For instance, you cannot propose a business plan of setting up a bank as the capital requirements may be difficult to attain. One mistake many students make is thinking of the business that will give them super normal profits. However, in writing business plan, the supervisor simply wants to confirm whether you can propose a business in terms of organizational structure, financial structure, operational structure, management structure and all the other details.
  • Prepare diagram or outline of the ideas.
    It is often said that if you do not know where you are going, any path or road will take you there. In writing business essay, you must lay clear outline in terms of the ownership structure, human resource management structure, financial structure and operational structure. Each of these parts is important. In the ownership structure, you will describe the nature of the business and the percentage or share of ownership of the sponsors. You will also describe the business and it may be partnership, private company limited by liability or shares, public company or other form of legal business association.
    Human resource management structures show the positions in the business structure showing the hierarchical authority and structure. In the financial structure, you have to show how the business will be financed and that will be either through owner’s equity or a loan. In the operational structure you describe if the business is human or capital intensive and whether machines are needed. You will also explain how raw materials for the business will be obtained.
  • Important points to note:
    • Each chapter should have own introduction and conclusion.
    • The structure of the business plan varies widely depending on the type of business. The greatest distinction is whether it will be service business or one that deals with the manufacture, processing and production of certain products.

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