Put in simple words, an evaluation essay is like a review, only that it is more specific. When writing review on sites, you simply explain why you liked or did not like some service or product and need not give any specific reasons or criteria why you arrived at your conclusion.
When writing evaluation essay, you have to select topic then explain the negative and positive aspects of that topic. You have to develop some specific criteria and also offer solid evidence that convinces the readers to come in to an agreement with your evaluation. This type of paper bears some similarities to argumentative essay.
The following a brief explanation of how to write this paper :

  • Select topic:
    There are many evaluation essay ideas you can write about, but you need to select good topic. Sometimes, your professor may specify the topic or issue you need to evaluate and in that case, your options are limited. If the professor does not specify what you need to evaluate, there are many options and issues you can evaluate. In any case, the topic should be carefully selected.
    REMEMBER that you should write on something you know about and not necessarily something you have strong opinion or feeling about. The topic can be on anything, such as coffee, women in leadership, neo colonization, particular car model, etc.
  • Determine the criteria:
    Develop at least three and at most five categories of specific and clear criteria to be evaluated. This is important as it is the standards which will help you evaluate or judge the topic. If you use of too few categories, they will not provide information sufficient to let you evaluate the topic effectively.
    The use of too many categories is also not good as it means you will have a lot of information at hand and it may be overwhelming such that you do not have enough space or time for developing sufficient evidence so as to support your judgment and conclusions. It needs further emphasis that the criteria chosen should be specific. Too broad topic will lead to very broad conclusions and everything will end up being broad and not clear to the reader.
  • Support judgment with evidence:
    You must provide evidence to support your judgment whether it is negative or positive. The evidence must be convincing to the readers including your supervisor.

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