While some people are naturally good writers and can easily write a narrative paper, to others, it is a herculean task that gives them sleepless nights. If you are one of those students who are not naturally born and talented as writers, you need to have a look at the various samples and examples online so you can develop and create an amazing paper. If you are asking where you can get high quality narrative essay sample, the following are the sources.

  • Your university or college:
    The first place where you should turn for help in writing any academic paper is your university or college. In the library for example you will find a repository of past papers done by other students. In the physical library you will also find hard copies of the same. In the electronic data base you will also get many narrative essay format examples.
    For most students, the electronic database is much more convenient as it can be accessed from various sources and the samples can be downloaded in to computer. The librarians normally issue students with instructions on how to access the electronic database. Your professor can also help if you want to get examples of narrative academic papers. Do not feel afraid to ask for some guidance and advice from the supervisor. In fact, the professor will give you samples of the paper in the format he or she likes.
  • Academic sources:
    These are widely termed as academic sources because they are in many forms. For instance, at your local public library, you can find good books and examples of illustrative papers. Many students ignore this but it could turn out to be the best source of information on how to write an award winning paper. Your fellow students and also seniors in the college and peers in other institutions can also provide good examples of academic papers. Remember that you need these examples to learn of the format but not to copy.
  • The online sources:
    This is the most convenient source for most people. With a smartphone, PC or other device that can access the internet, you just need to visit this site and get tones of examples of illustrative essays. A good online source for instance is blogs. However, you need to visit the blogs of reliable educational sponsor or websites. For instance, the blogs of reputable university may contain good examples of essays. Online databases of journals and academic writing websites are also good sources of examples online.

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